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The t-shirts shown on this page are American Apparel fitted t-shirts that come in Mens (2001) and Womens (2102) styles. American Apparel t-shirts are a popular tee shirt
for young people who want a soft cotton light fabric that is cut thinner than standard t-shirts. American Apparel is Made in the USA and they take about two weeks for delivery.
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Pluto will not be forgotten in my lifetime as the coolest planet that was previously included in our solar system, before some scientist with a vendetta made Pluto's small size and unique characteristics an issue and had Pluto removed from our Solar System. Although I have never personally gone to Pluto I have often considered it a part of my manifest destiny to travel to all of the planets in our solar system and now that Pluto has been removed any progress that our society will make towards providing a way to get there will be thwarted for me and future generations.

This isn't over until the Big Bang sings and as far as I am concerned Pluto needs to be put back in the Solar System or the dreams of traveling to Pluto will be lost for my generation and generations to come. This Pluto, Never Forget t-shirt is a way to show the people here on Earth that you think of the big picture; not just our planet, but even planets that are way out there beyond all of our recognized planets.

We have take some extra efforts in regards to Pluto with the t-shirt design interface and although this t-shirt looks great on black, there are many ways that you can order this design by clicking on the colors shown above. Once you click on the colors it will change the background image of the t-shirt for visualizing how you may want your pluto t-shirt printed. Then click on this button and you can place your order for the Pluto Never Forget design the way that you want it printed. Order button for online t-shirts with or without designs

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