Ekay / Y-Que Trading Post First, pick your shirt color then drag one or more images onto the shirt on the left. Use Reload to start over. Take a screen shot of the shirt and email it to order.
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Paris T-shirt Designer 24.00/ea up to 4-images / American Apparel
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First click on the shirt color you want from the color bar along the top of the page. Then click on the location grid on top of the shirt to make the grid disappear. Then you can drag any of the images or text designs on the right on top of the shirt you have chosen. You can choose up to 4 images with different print locations. First choose the top image Image 1, then designate the print location, L1-R4. If you want the classic Free Paris print with no other images on the front and center, then just choose the design name in the pull down menu and you don't have to go any further. Once you have finished creating a unique design you can take a screen shot and paste it into a program then email us the image so that we can make the shirt just how you see it on your screen. Send to admin@yque.com.

You can order the standard print, front center one-design, however, when you order multiple designs keep in mind the proportions and locations of the prints are not exact, but we make our best effort to recreate the intentions of your design. Even the specific locations shown below will overlap each other. You can also remove the neighborhood name and just work with the images shown on the left.

To order your shirt we suggest you take a screen shot of your final design combination. Click here to learn how to take a "Screen Shot" of your design and email it to: admin@yque.com. We use YQ T-shirts which are sized to fit, yet soft and cut trim. After you email us the image and we confirm the print then you can send payment or you can send payment through the shopping cart when you place your order. All the custom combo shirts are $25 and you can do up to 4 print areas reasonably well.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as every shirt is screenprinted, not transfered and they are made to order, fresh. We will be adding more designs very soon. You can go here to see other design options. You can drag this grid over the shirt shown above for layout purposes (Optional).

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